Life Coaching

When you realize that there are major life-changing choices ahead or decisions to be made and you can’t seem to move, coaching might be just what you need. Coaching helps you reach inside and find your own wisdom. I love watching people discover the inner awareness that they carry throughout their life. 

My process comes from Life Coaching School and Graphic (or Visual) Coach training. I use the S.H.I.F.T.- I.T. model developed by Christina Merkley. I find working with images helps people ‘see’ where they have been, where they are and where they want to go. Metaphors often help understand both the past and the work ahead. Coaching requires work and careful listening for both me and my clients. 

If you are curious and would like help exploring where to go next, please send me a note

The process typically starts with a closer look at places where you are no longer satisfied with your current situation. We explore beliefs through examining or retracing your history. Next, we identify what you hold close to your heart. From deep diving into “inner self”, we can visualize ideal futures. Finally, we identify the big steps and steppingstones to get you from today to the future you both want and deserve. The last and critical step is about commitment to self. 

You are not alone. Everyone has moments in their lives where they feel ready to change course, or their course has been changed for them. It’s a great time to have someone (external to one’s life) guide you through the process of reflection (rediscovering strengths and ideals), sharply focussing on current reality and then looking forward, to create a clear and accountable action plan using your inner wisdom. 

As a coach, I don’t tell clients what to do. Each person knows what actions to take when they connect to their inner knowing. Visuals help rediscover our wise inner human.