Who is Peg Frank?

First, I am a woman well past half a century old. As you might imagine, I am delightfully gnarled. I love using trees to express my own reality, and I enjoy watching others seize the analogy. 

I now live in a place once called sxʷeŋxʷəŋ təŋəxʷ (pronounced s-hweng hw-ung tongue-oo-hw, the Lekwungen name for James Bay, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada). I am grateful to the First Nations who first appreciated the abundant beauty of Canada’s west coast, and sad about the way many indigenous people are, and have been impacted by colonialism.

My seedling years were spent in a house filled with oil paintings and international students attending Mount Alison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Both the art and the people left their impressions on a five-year old Peggy. My interests are arts, culture, behavior, and sciences. 

When I was becoming a mature tree, I moved here from Ontario after studying marine science. I sprouted many branches through my adolescent explorations and continued to spread wide branches in my twenties. I even spent a chunk of years illustrating trees, plants, and ecological processes for foresters and naturalists. 

My greatest achievement is just being alive. I was infected with HIV long before there was any medical treatment, and pestilences were many. My recovery from palliative was slow, but persistent – inspired by supportive community, spiritual awareness, and art. I learned to sculpt and refined my painting skills, trying to capture the mysteries of life. Perhaps building a seven-foot, recycled pill bottle cocktail glass – a statement about medical nomenclature, treatment of and for people living with HIV, as well as for the environment, was a remarkable accomplishment – although the two homes I designed are much more complex, functional, and enduring sculptures. These were years for testing my roots.

Later, standing tall and still recovering, I brought Therapeutic Touch training to several AIDS-stricken African communities in the early twenty first century and was recognized for this as an achievement by the Therapeutic Touch community. I was introduced to this powerful, holistic energy healing through personal experience during the years I lived with AIDS and later, grief, when my partner died tragically and unexpectedly. In the forest an arbutus cradling a downed Douglas fir tree, mirrored my ability to bend without falling.

In my eyes, each person is as solid as a tree, part of the diverse human forest. I have chosen work that focuses on inner strengths and the ability of every human to glow, or grow, in keeping with the tree metaphor. This website is dedicated to sharing my awareness and skills in science and art and to each spirit, alive and dead, that has nurtured my life journey. 


The following passage from Suzanne Simard’s revolutionary book, Finding the Mother Tree explains why trees are so prevalent on my website. For me, trees have always been the metaphor for connection and belonging. Before Forest Bathing was popular, I would spend time deep in the woods — listening, learning and loving. It is as though Suzanne explained why.

The trees soon revealed startling secrets. I discovered that they are in a web of interdependence, linked by a system of underground channels, where they perceive and connect and relate with an ancient intricacy and wisdom that can no longer be denied. I conducted hundreds of experiments, with one discovery leading to the next, and through this quest I uncovered the lessons of tree-to-tree communication, of the relationships that create a forest society. The evidence was at first highly controversial, but the science is now known to be rigorous, peer reviewed, and widely published. It is no fairy tale, no flight of fancy, no magical Unicorn, and no fiction in a Hollywood movie.

from Finding the Mother Tree – by Suzanne Simard

There are Things that Cannot be Changed

There are Things that Cannot be Changed specifically relates to the lives of women living positively. The creative writing is based on actual letters between Rwandan, Emerthe Nakabonye and Canadian Peggy Frank.  The story unfolds from the first letters exchanged between two women who only knew that the other was also living with the AIDS virus – HIV. It provides an insightful look at challenges to accessing care and treatments as well as underlining importance characteristics of people who successfully deal with ongoing illness. It is a book about the power of people, families, communities and more than anything – hope that better days may lie ahead. 

This is a compilation of twenty years of knowledge about HIV in Rwanda and Canada as it specifically relates to the lives of women living positively. The creative writing is based on actual letters between Rwandan, Emerthe Nakabonye and Canadian Peggy Frank.  The story unfolds from the first letters exchanged between two women who only knew that the other was also living with the AIDS virus – HIV. It provides an insightful look at challenges to accessing care and treatments as well as underlining importance characteristics of people who successfully deal with ongoing illness. It is a book about the power of people, families, communities and more than anything – hope that better days may lie ahead. 

Cost: $25 CAD plus $23 shipping if ordered online. (Optional: add a $5 donation to Grandmothers for Africa

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Cost: $25 CAD plus $23 shipping
(Optional: add a $5 donation to Grandmothers for Africa“)


Therapeutic Touch

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Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch® course offered in January 2023

Therapeutic Touch is a safe, non-invasive healing modality that can be learned by anyone with compassion and the desire to help another. It was developed by Dolores Krieger, RN, PhD and Dora van Gelder Kunz in the early 1970’s, Therapeutic Touch was derived from ancient healing modalities and has a long history of application and research. It is used to promote healing of, not just physical issues, but also emotional, and spiritual challenges. Therapeutic Touch is defined as a holistic, evidence based therapy that incorporates the intentional and compassionate use of universal energy to promote balance and well-being.

Therapeutic Touch is based on the idea that Wholeness, Compassion and Natural Order are inherent in nature. Through quieting ourselves, we can connect to this healing energy and compassionately and consciously use our hands, hearts and will to direct it to support healing. 

“The ability to promote healing is a natural human potential” – Dora Kunz

In health, life energy flows freely throughout the body.  In contrast, dis-ease is a condition of energy imbalance or disorder. Therapeutic Touch has been proven to promote a deep relaxation response, easing of tension and anxiety, pain reduction, an acceleration of the healing process and an increase in comfort at the end of life.

“Therapeutic Touch is only partially about healing others. Equally – perhaps even more importantly – it is about an inner journey. It is important to acknowledge that the empowerment in Therapeutic Touch comes through the TT therapist’s quest for a liaison with the Inner Self.” —Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN

Therapeutic Touch Pop-up Practice Groups are held from time to time. Contact Peg for details on the next events.

Chai Holistic Health Services
Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch®

Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch® Online Course

January 19, 21 & 22, 28 & 29, 2023

This course, aligned with the TTNC Curriculum Guidelines, is for Therapeutic Touch® (TT) practitioners who want to broaden their understanding of the essential elements of the TT process including patterning of the Hp’s entire field/ This course build on your knowledge, skills, and insights, acquired in the Foundations of TT course and from regular TT practice. Distance TT will be learned and practiced during this course. Contemplative practices and guided reflective dialogue regarding energetic, emotional and mental aspects of TT practice enhance your self-knowledge and self-inquiry. Approaches to assisting individuals with a variety of health challenges will also be explored.

Website: https://chaiholistichealthservices.coachesconsole.com/transpersonal-nature-of-therapeutic-touch-course.html

Prerequisite: Foundations of Therapeutic Touch course (12 hours) and 2-3 months of TT practice following the Foundations course is recommended.

Dates & Times: Thursday January 19, 6 – 8 pm MT; Saturday & Sunday January 21 & 22, 28 & 29 from 1 pm to 5 pm MT. Following the course, participants will submit four written TT Session CARER Notes and the course Feedback Form to complete requirements for the course. 
Total Recognized Contact Hours = 16+ hours

Bonus Follow-up Session: Thursday February 9, 6 – 7 pm MT

Location: ZOOM Platform

Fee: $280 CDN (includes course workbook & handouts)

Payment & Application: at: https://chaiholistichealthservices.coachesconsole.com/transpersonal-nature-registration.html

 Complete Registration Application and payment must be received by January 5, 2023

*Note: Registration will be limited to 8 participants with this ZOOM offering, so register early to avoid disappointment. 

Registration Confirmation: Email confirmation of your acceptance into the course will be sent when your payment is received and your completed registration form and documents are reviewed.

Course Facilitators: Dr. Chery Ann Hoffmeyer, Ph.D., RTTT (TTNA), QTTT (NH-PAI) with Peggy Frank TTRT, QTTT. Chery Ann has been practicing Therapeutic Touch (TT) since 1984 and has studied with a variety of TT teachers, including the co-founders of TT, Dr. Dolores Krieger Ph.D. and Dora Kunz. She feels very blessed to have worked with both co-founders over the years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience directly from them. Chery Ann and Peggy are recognized Therapeutic Touch practitioners and teachers in Canada and the United States. Chery Ann is also a qualified TT teacher trainer and has taught TT courses, presented at TT conferences in Canada, the U.S., and Australia, and is a mentor for TT practitioners and TT teachers. These TT teachers look forward to sharing their knowledge, their passion and experiences with Therapeutic Touch, with you. 
Peggy has also studied with Dora and Dee and kept her practical training current through attending TT workshops throughout North America. She is a recognized teacher in BC and through TTIA.

Cancellation policy: Registration fee minus a $50 processing fee for cancellations up to January 5, 2023. After this date there are no refunds. 

Life Coaching

When you realize that there are major life-changing choices ahead or decisions to be made and you can’t seem to move, coaching might be just what you need. Coaching helps you reach inside and find your own wisdom. I love watching people discover the inner awareness that they carry throughout their life. 

My process comes from Life Coaching School and Graphic (or Visual) Coach training. I use the S.H.I.F.T.- I.T. model developed by Christina Merkley. I find working with images helps people ‘see’ where they have been, where they are and where they want to go. Metaphors often help understand both the past and the work ahead. Coaching requires work and careful listening for both me and my clients. 

If you are curious and would like help exploring where to go next, please send me a note

The process typically starts with a closer look at places where you are no longer satisfied with your current situation. We explore beliefs through examining or retracing your history. Next, we identify what you hold close to your heart. From deep diving into “inner self”, we can visualize ideal futures. Finally, we identify the big steps and steppingstones to get you from today to the future you both want and deserve. The last and critical step is about commitment to self. 

You are not alone. Everyone has moments in their lives where they feel ready to change course, or their course has been changed for them. It’s a great time to have someone (external to one’s life) guide you through the process of reflection (rediscovering strengths and ideals), sharply focussing on current reality and then looking forward, to create a clear and accountable action plan using your inner wisdom. 

As a coach, I don’t tell clients what to do. Each person knows what actions to take when they connect to their inner knowing. Visuals help rediscover our wise inner human.

Graphic Recording

  • Do you want  a beautiful, visual record of your meeting, your strategic planning session, your conference keynote speakers to share with participants? 
  • Do you want to encourage people to feel included by seeing their words appear on discussion notes? 
  • Do you want a visual recording of a conversation with an elderly parent about their life? 
  • What about an artistic record of a memorial service? 

Please reach out to me for help create a record of important events and moments in your family or community. My rates are $200/hr. By the way, I love social justice work and have special rates for the HIV community. Let’s talk. 

Here are some notes taken during a Therapeutic Touch Practice Group. Notice how the graphics help perceive the challenging concept of Consciousness. It was so simple to just add a movie recommendation for Transcendence as it came up. Spelling correctly isn’t as important as quickly getting thoughts down so that people can find their way through this reminder of an exciting exchange.

Graphic visuals help explain complex care issues — or any complicated topics that can be broken down to integral parts. Here’s a great example.