Graphic Recording

  • Do you want  a beautiful, visual record of your meeting, your strategic planning session, your conference keynote speakers to share with participants? 
  • Do you want to encourage people to feel included by seeing their words appear on discussion notes? 
  • Do you want a visual recording of a conversation with an elderly parent about their life? 
  • What about an artistic record of a memorial service? 

Please reach out to me for help create a record of important events and moments in your family or community. My rates are $200/hr. By the way, I love social justice work and have special rates for the HIV community. Let’s talk. 

Here are some notes taken during a Therapeutic Touch Practice Group. Notice how the graphics help perceive the challenging concept of Consciousness. It was so simple to just add a movie recommendation for Transcendence as it came up. Spelling correctly isn’t as important as quickly getting thoughts down so that people can find their way through this reminder of an exciting exchange.

Graphic visuals help explain complex care issues — or any complicated topics that can be broken down to integral parts. Here’s a great example.